by Kinit Her



Released on the Autumn Equinox of 2013 by Pesanta Urfolk as a single 12" vinyl record. The first side featuring lyrics adapted from a poem by Stefan George; the second featuring lyrics adapted from two poems by Ludwig Klages, a devotee turned nemesis of George.


released September 22, 2013

Illustrated by Oliver Liebeskind.



all rights reserved


Kinit Her Wisconsin

Theirs is a unique yet accessible songcraft showing the careful influence of Neoclassical and Early musics. Sounding organic tone-mantras from shofar horns, bending sweetened notes on beaten twelve-string guitars, intoning a harmonized enumeration of spells and dreams, backed by weeping string and brass arrangements with lush acoustic ephemera twinkling on the peripherals of everything. ... more

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Track Name: Hyperion
"Hyperion" by Stefan George

I returned home: never such a flood of blossoms

Welcomed me so. A pounding in the field.

And in the grove God’s powers slept.

I’ve seen the river, slope and shire entranced,

And you, my brothers, heirs of a future-sun.

Your eyes rest, harboring a dream,

Once in you, yearning thoughts alter the blood.

My sorrowful life leans toward slumber,

But the grace of Heaven’s promise rewards.

The fervent shall never pass through the Kingdom.

I shall be Earth and then hero’s grave.

To be fulfilled the sacred sons draw near.

With them arrives the second age, love manifest.

The world births love once again.

I’ve spoken the spell, and drawn the compass.

Before the fall of night, I will be caught.

Those above will wander cherished fields

On winged soles, aglow in the grasp of God.